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The Greatest Photograph in the World

| 17 April, 2012 15:17

I did this on my phone last week.

on bloor st w looking south

It is of Varsity Stadium at the University of Toronto. I don't think it's really the greatest phtograph in the world.

But it is like the greatest photograph in the world in that it is a street view taken from the street.

That's a pretty strong hint. The greatest photograph in the world is Google maps street view. It is a photograph with no borders, no edge, no center. It enables us to conceive of the street as one entity that extends everywhere changing its name as it goes from city to city, country to country.

Google street view is not the street but a document of the street that illustrates the street as stage. What goes on in the street is theater; often boring, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic depending on when and where we step on to it. Walking on the street, everyone is as equal as they'll ever be. Some may have better shoes but they're all engaged in the eternal activity of putting one foot in from of the other and looking around while they do so.

Because it is the first portrait of the infinite street, google maps street view is the greatest photograph ever taken.