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Sketches for acrylic paintings, Paris, 1970

| 11 May, 2012 08:31

sketch for acrylic painting

I found a sketchbook from Paris done around 1970 with a series of goache sketches for large acrylic paintings on cotton duck.

goache abstract

I was committed to making pictures with minimal pictoral means at the time. I can't say how deliberate these color choices were. In the late seventies, just before I went back to or rediscovered figurative painting, I was painting with colors chosen at random.

But that was later.picture of nothing

These seem to be in the thrall of Morris Louis' veil paintings. His stripe paintings, too. Perhaps I was trying to find a space between the two.

 In that case the choice of colors would be very careful and deliberate. That's where the romance of the picture is located. The romantic ideal of an artist creating a world is compromised if color choices are left to chance.